Tired As A Mother? Guiding you and your baby to better sleep

Learn the #1 routine used by sleep experts to guide your baby to becoming an independent sleeper. 

Whether still pregnant or you're already tired as a mother, sleep guiding is a one course fits all. Emily explains how a lot of sleep deprived parents are actually just "teaching the wrong curriculum" to their babies, which is enabling bad habits to form. Causing the crazy cycle of short naps or only napping while held and lots of all night parties 🎉

 Sleep Guiding does NOT mean less snuggling or hours of crying it out ❤️ It's empowering your baby from the start!

 A sleep guided child

  • Learns the skill of independent sleep
  • Is easily put down for naps or night sleep
  • Can be put to bed by anyone (babysitter, mom or dad)
  • Has well rested parents!

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