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I wasn't convinced I needed to hear this course because I have my own beliefs about babies sleep and wasn't sure that it could be useful to me, I was WRONG! I could have used this course months sooner and been a lot less stressed. She has so many good tips and advice and anyone, no matter how many babies in, can benefit in some way. I went from going insane everyday all day trying to keep a baby asleep for naps who just didn't want to sleep unless she was being held, to being able to put her in her crib and she will go to sleep for naps so easy now!! If you are struggling with your babies sleep, even if just during the daytime like me, I would highly recommend getting this course. It may help make your life a LOT easier like it did for me. Mental lifesaver!!


Wow! I have seen a big difference in my own baby's routine after following the modules of Sleep Guiding. I was amazed with just using a few of these tips how the night time went smoother and it became an art of knowing my baby and her habits. I was suprised of what I had done with my older child by hindering him from falling back asleep as a first time mom, I was making such a big production of it. I am definitely feeling more well rested after following this guide. I was able to let go of little things I would be obessesing over.. and in turn be helping my baby get good rest! (Which is important for development and for moms!) I highly recommend taking this course, you and your baby will be so glad you did. If you are struggling you will refer to life with babies before and after you took this course. THANK YOU Mrs. Caboosee for helping making motherhood a little more sweeter :)

Dana B

This course walks mom (or Dad) through a very easy to follow schedule blueprint focusing on an eat, play, sleep routine. (Opposite of what most parents do!) Super gentle and practical to put to use immediately. I'm recommending this to all my mom friends and expecting mom friends


Emily, being a seasoned mother of 3. Gives great advice, tips, tricks to help your little one(s) become independent sleepers. I would highly recommend taking the course!


Tired as a Mother? teaches the #1 routine used by sleep experts

Tired as a Mother? teaches the #1 routine used by sleep experts

To guide your baby to becoming an independent sleeper.This is a 4 module course with a Bonus section that includes some final thoughts and tips. Each course will give you an assignment to work on and by the end you will have a plan for success that is tailored to you and your baby. (total watch time 75 minutes)

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More Support

More Support

Sometimes we need a little extra support to talk through road blocks or help brainstorm the perfect routine! Sign up for 30 or 60 minutes one-on -one live coaching through my FAVORITE video app Marco Polo. Can be used at any time in your journey and broken up into 5 to 10 minute calls.

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Why Sleep Guiding?

Don’t believe the lie that now that you are a parent you’ll never sleep again!
The key is building the correct sleeping habits from the start. Creating a routine that works for you and your family’s schedule. Follow along on my quick 4 module course to learn how to build the right routine for you and your baby. Learn all the tips and tricks in less time than one afternoon nap! Sleep and food are the number one building blocks for a healthy immune system, correct development (emotionally and physically) and for a HAPPY baby and HAPPY family.


Meet Emily

I am a wife to one and mama to three! I have a passion for making parenthood more calm than chaotic. And THEE best way to achieve that is for EVERYONE to get better sleep! That is how the course Tired As A Mother? was born.

I love educating and helping so I put my knowledge and experience about sleep guiding in a QUICK course so I can help more Mamas ( and Dads).

I'm kind of obsessed with being efficient so you'll find my course quick and to the point. All the info in less than 75 minutes. I'm also very hands-on with my students. If you buy the premium course we’ll get to know each other better with some one-on-one coaching calls through my favorite video app Marco Polo!

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